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Adrift: A True Story of Tragedy on the Icy Atlantic and the One Who Lived to Tell about It

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Download Ebook Adrift: A True Story of Tragedy on the Icy Atlantic and the One Who Lived to Tell about It Free
by Brian Murphy, Toula Vlahou
Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, Audiobook, Pdf
Expected publication: September 4th 2018 by Da Capo Press
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0306902001
ISBN-13: 978-0306902000

In the tradition of bestsellers such as Dead Wake and In the Heart of the Sea, Adrift tells of thirteen victims and a tragedy at sea where every desperate act could mean life or death

The small ship making the Liverpool-to-New York trip in the early months of 1856 carried mail, crates of dry goods, and more than one hundred passengers, mostly Irish emigrants. Suddenly an iceberg tore the ship asunder and five lifeboats were lowered. As four lifeboats drifted into the fog and icy water, never to be heard from again, the last boat wrenched away from the sinking ship with a few blankets, some water and biscuits, and thirteen souls. Only one would survive. This is his story.

As they started their nine days adrift more than four hundred miles off Newfoundland, the castaways–an Irish couple and their two boys, an English woman and her daughter, newlyweds from Ireland, and several crewmen, including Thomas W. Nye from Bedford, Massachusetts–began fighting over food and water. One by one, though, day by day, they died. Some from exposure, others from madness and panic. In the end, only Nye and his journal survived.

Using Nye’s journal and his later newspaper accounts, ship’s logs, assorted diaries, and family archives, Brian Murphy chronicles the horrific nine days that thirteen people suffered adrift on the cold gray Atlantic sea. In the tradition of bestsellers such as Into Thin Air and In the Heart of the Sea, Adrift brings readers to the edge of human limits, where every frantic decision and every desperate act is a potential life saver or life taker.


Adrift : A True Story of Tragedy in the Icy Atlantic- and the One who Lived to Tell about it

Author is : Brian Murphy
Publisher is : no defined
release : 2018
genre : Shipwrecks
isbn_10 : 9780306922251
isbn_13 : 0306922258

Adrift [Movie tie-in] : A True Story of Love, Loss, and Survival at Sea

Author is : Tami Oldham Ashcraft
Publisher is : HarperCollins
release : 2018-05-29
genre : Biography & Autobiography
isbn_10 : 0062868195
isbn_13 : 9780062868190

Not a Gentleman's Work : The Untold Story of a Gruesome Murder at Sea and the Long Road to Truth

Author is : Gerard Koeppel
Publisher is : Da Capo Press
release : 2020-06-16
genre : History
isbn_10 : 9780306903380
isbn_13 : 0306903385

The Lost Hero of Cape Cod : Captain Asa Eldridge and the Maritime Trade That Shaped America

Author is : Vincent Miles
Publisher is : no defined
release : 2015-11-15
genre :
isbn_10 : 9780962506888
isbn_13 : 0962506885

Peleg Nye : The Jonah of Cape Cod

Author is : Nils V. Bockmann
Publisher is : Createspace Independent Pub
release : 2015-02-19
genre : Biography & Autobiography
isbn_10 : 9781505278972
isbn_13 : 150527897X

Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea : The History and Discovery of the World's Richest Shipwreck

Author is : Gary Kinder
Publisher is : Grove Press
release : 2019-11-19
genre : Transportation
isbn_10 : 9780802128928
isbn_13 : 0802128920

Universities in the Marketplace : The Commercialization of Higher Education

Author is : Derek Bok
Publisher is : Princeton University Press
release : 2009-02-14
genre : Business & Economics
isbn_10 : 9781400825493
isbn_13 : 1400825490

Lived to Tell :

Author is : Raphaela Angelou
Publisher is : no defined
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isbn_10 : 9781660234714
isbn_13 : 1660234719

HEY, U UP? (For a Serious Relationship) : How to Turn Your Booty Call into Your Emergency Contact

Author is : Emily Axford
Publisher is : Abrams
release : 2018-02-13
genre : Humor
isbn_10 : 168335236X
isbn_13 : 9781683352365

The Secret Life of Sharks : A Leading Marine Biologist Reveals the Mysteries o

Author is : A. Peter Klimley
Publisher is : Simon and Schuster
release : 2008-06-17
genre : Nature
isbn_10 : 143910431X
isbn_13 : 9781439104316

The Upside :

Author is : Abdel Sellou
Publisher is : Hachette UK
release : 2019-01-24
genre : Biography & Autobiography
isbn_10 : 1841883557
isbn_13 : 9781841883557

Near Death on the High Seas : True Stories of Disaster and Survival

Author is : Cecil Kuhne
Publisher is : Vintage
release : 2008
genre : Sports & Recreation
isbn_10 : 9780307279347
isbn_13 : 0307279340

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