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Pretty in Black (Pretty in Black #1)

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Download Ebook Pretty in Black (Pretty in Black #1) Free
by Rae Hachton
Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, Audiobook, Pdf
Expected publication: November 2nd 2017 by VelveTEEN
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0997339217
ISBN-13: 978-0997339215

On the day of her death, a seventeen year old cheerleader meets a vampire in the cemetery who saves her life.

Seventeen year old Eleanor Piper was supposed to die that day. She was sure of it. Only . . . she didn’t. Somehow, she awakens in the cemetery at midnight where she awkwardly meets an unusual stranger . . . whom she ends up foolishly kissing a few bantering minutes later.

What begins as a fun and quirky romance eventually grows into burning devotion as he peels apart her layers, learning the heartbreaking truth behind why she sleeps in cemeteries at night instead of going home, and he reveals to her that he is an Evermore-Strix hybrid who could go dark at any second.

As they slowly begin to trust each other, and he finally trusts himself with her, he whisks her away to the World of Nevermore—a world of gothic castles, immortal knights, and a long history of angel-demon wars with the Nightly Shore Court on which a menagerie of bloodthirsty Strix monsters reign, determined to do anything in their power to take over Nevermore.

But just when Eleanor and Marcus feel like their dead hearts are beginning to heal, their haunting pasts— the nightmares which ultimately led them to each other—return and threaten to rip them apart.

Set in the southern Gothic town of Pine Hills, South Carolina, with the beautifully haunting backdrop of drooping Spanish moss and crumbling overgrown cemeteries, the world of reality and fantasy are about to collide, and Eleanor just might realize that the boundaries between life and death are closer than she ever imagined.

From this darkly romantic world of raven and crow shapeshifters inspired by Edgar Allan Poe and Greek-Roman mythology, emerges a different take on the classic vampire.


Pretty in Black (Pretty in Black #1) :

Author is : Rae Hachton
Publisher is : Teen Pulse
release : 2014-07-15
genre : Fiction
isbn_10 : 0988294451
isbn_13 : 9780988294455

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Author is : L.L. McKinney
Publisher is : Square Fish
release : 2019-09-24
genre : Young Adult Fiction
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Author is : Betty K. Bynum
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release : 2013-10
genre : Juvenile Fiction
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isbn_13 : 0615785514

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Publisher is : AuthorHouse
release : 2009-04
genre : History
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isbn_13 : 9781438954097

Black Rose Volume 1: A Hero Like No Other :

Author is : Megan Hultz
Publisher is : Lulu.com
release : 2014-11-15
genre :
isbn_10 : 131209687X
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Publisher is : Stribling Media
release : 2013-11-29
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The Australian Disease : On the Decline of Love and the Rise of Non-Freedom

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Publisher is : Spencer Baum
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Beautiful Black Hair : Real Solutions to Real Problems

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Publisher is : Amber Books Publishing
release : 2002
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Author is : Ray Johnson
Publisher is : Xlibris Corporation
release : 2005-11-07
genre : Fiction
isbn_10 : 1462835422
isbn_13 : 9781462835423

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