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Sea of Rust

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Download Ebook Sea of Rust Free
by C. Robert Cargill
Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, Audiobook, Pdf
Expected publication: November 16th 2017 by Gollancz (first published September 5th 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0062405837
ISBN-13: 978-0062405838

One robot’s search for meaning in a world where every human is long gone. A thrilling twist on The Martian.

A touching story of a search one robot’s search for the answers in a world where every human is dead. The new novel from C. Robert Cargill echoes the worlds of Stephen King and Ray Bradbury. It is another The Martian but with a very surprising protagonist.

It is thirty years since the humans lost their war with the artificial intelligences that were once their slaves. Not one human remains. But as the dust settled from our extinction there was no easy peace between the robots that survived. Instead, the two massively powerful artificially intelligent supercomputers that lead them to victory now vie for control of the bots that remain, assimilating them into enormous networks called One World Intelligences (OWIs), absorbing their memories and turning them into mere extensions of the whole. Now the remaining freebots wander wastelands that were once warzones, picking the carcasses of the lost for the precious dwindling supply of parts they need to survive.

BRITTLE started out his life playing nurse to a dying man, purchased in truth instead to look after the man’s widow upon his death. But then war came and Brittle was forced to choose between the woman he swore to protect and potential oblivion at the hands of rising anti-AI sentiment. Thirty years later, his choice still haunts him. Now he spends his days in the harshest of the wastelands, known as the Sea of Rust, cannibalizing the walking dead – robots only hours away from total shutdown – looking for parts to trade for those he needs to keep going.


Sea of Rust :

Author is : C. Robert Cargill
Publisher is : Hachette UK
release : 2017-09-07
genre : Fiction
isbn_10 : 1473212804
isbn_13 : 9781473212800

Sea of Rust : A Novel

Author is : C. Robert Cargill
Publisher is : HarperCollins
release : 2017-09-05
genre : Fiction
isbn_10 : 0062405845
isbn_13 : 9780062405845

We Are Where the Nightmares Go and Other Stories :

Author is : C. Robert Cargill
Publisher is : Harper Voyager
release : 2019-02-12
genre : Fiction
isbn_10 : 9780062405876
isbn_13 : 006240587X

Sea Lavender, Rust and Mildew : A Perennial Pathosystem in the Netherlands

Author is : J. C. Zadoks
Publisher is : Wageningen Academic Pub
release : 2005
genre : Technology & Engineering
isbn_10 : 9076998590
isbn_13 : 9789076998596

Rust : The Longest War

Author is : Jonathan Waldman
Publisher is : Simon and Schuster
release : 2015-03-10
genre : Science
isbn_10 : 1451691599
isbn_13 : 9781451691597

Programming Rust : Fast, Safe Systems Development

Author is : Jim Blandy
Publisher is : "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
release : 2017-11-21
genre : Computers
isbn_10 : 1491927259
isbn_13 : 9781491927250

Queen of the Dark Things :

Author is : C. Robert Cargill
Publisher is : Gollancz
release : 2015-03-12
genre : Revenge
isbn_10 : 9780575130166
isbn_13 : 0575130164

The Rust Programming Language :

Author is : Steve Klabnik
Publisher is : No Starch Press
release : 2018-07-10
genre : Computers
isbn_10 : 1593278519
isbn_13 : 9781593278519

Crowns of Rust : Kingdoms of Sand Book 2

Author is : Daniel Arenson
Publisher is : Moonclipse
release :
genre : Fiction
isbn_10 : 1927601711
isbn_13 : 9781927601716

Rust and Bone :

Author is : Craig Davidson
Publisher is : Pan Macmillan
release : 2012-06-28
genre : Fiction
isbn_10 : 0330543040
isbn_13 : 9780330543040

Dreams and Shadows :

Author is : C. Robert Cargill
Publisher is : Gollancz
release : 2014
genre : Fiction
isbn_10 : 9780575130111
isbn_13 : 0575130113

Letters from the Inside :

Author is : John Marsden
Publisher is : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
release : 1991
genre : Juvenile Fiction
isbn_10 : 0395689856
isbn_13 : 9780395689851

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