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The Sea Witch (The Era of Villains Book 1)

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The Sea Witch (The Era of Villains Book 1)

Download Ebook The Sea Witch (The Era of Villains Book 1) Free
by S.J. Valfroy (Goodreads Author)
Kindle Edition, 210 pages
Published October 15th 2015

Have you ever wondered why villains are what they are? Is a villainous heart instilled at birth, or do decisions and actions warp a good heart into a villainous one?
You have certainly already heard of the Sea Witch, but do you know her real story?

Though she works as a palace maid, Serena is no ordinary mermaid. From birth she manifested the magical powers of a sea witch, just like her mother, Moira. But Serena does not want to be like her mother, cruel and selfish, so she rejects her magical powers. At least until her ever growing love for the unattainable Prince Triton pushes her to her breaking point. Just when it seems he’s taken notice, that she could actually win his heart, his mother, Queen Amphitrite, makes it clear her son will never marry a palace maid, much less the daughter of a sea witch with a seedy reputation. Serena’s dreams are slipping through her fingers, and she must decide if she is willing to embrace her magical powers and take her dreams by force. Magic could solve all her problems, or so she thinks, but at what price?

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The Sea Witch : Can Love Turn You Evil?

Author is : S. J. Valfroy
Publisher is : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
release : 2015-10-10
genre :
isbn_10 : 9781517719517
isbn_13 : 1517719518

The Queen of Hearts :

Author is : S. J. Valfroy
Publisher is : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
release : 2015-12-19
genre :
isbn_10 : 9781522841616
isbn_13 : 152284161X

Poor Unfortunate Soul : A Tale of the Sea Witch

Author is : Serena Valentino
Publisher is : Disney Electronic Content
release : 2016-07-26
genre : Young Adult Fiction
isbn_10 : 1484725182
isbn_13 : 9781484725184

Mistress of All Evil : A Tale of the Dark Fairy

Author is : Serena Valentino
Publisher is : no defined
release : 2018
genre : Fairies
isbn_10 : 9781338307528
isbn_13 : 1338307525

The Moon Dragon (The Secrets of Droon #26) :

Author is : Tony Abbott
Publisher is : Scholastic Inc.
release : 2016-02-23
genre : Juvenile Fiction
isbn_10 : 0545418399
isbn_13 : 9780545418393

Fiction for the working man, 1830-1850 : a study of the literature produced for the working classes in early Victorian urban England

Author is : Louis James
Publisher is : Penguin (Non-Classics)
release : 1974
genre : Fiction
isbn_10 :
isbn_13 : IND:30000027386444

The Novelist: a collection of the standard novels :

Author is : Novelist
Publisher is : no defined
release : 1838
genre :
isbn_10 :
isbn_13 : OXFORD:600055770

A Wizard of Earthsea :

Author is : Ursula K. Le Guin
Publisher is : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
release : 2012-09-11
genre : Young Adult Fiction
isbn_10 : 0544084373
isbn_13 : 9780544084377

Dramatic Bibliography : An Annotated List of Books on the History and Criticism of the Drama and Stage and on the Allied Arts of the Theatre

Author is : no defined
Publisher is : 清华大学出版社有限公司
release : 1933
genre : Bibliography
isbn_10 :
isbn_13 :

The Chronicles of Narnia Vol III: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader :

Author is : C.S.Lewis
Publisher is : Enrich Spot Limited
release : 2016-08-12
genre : Juvenile Fiction
isbn_10 : 9887739588
isbn_13 : 9789887739586

The Malleus Maleficarum :

Author is : Heinrich Kramer
Publisher is : Cosimo, Inc.
release : 2007-04-01
genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
isbn_10 : 1602063842
isbn_13 : 9781602063846

Of Beast and Beauty :

Author is : Chanda Hahn
Publisher is : Neverwood Press
release : 2019-06-18
genre : Young Adult Fiction
isbn_10 : 1950440060
isbn_13 : 9781950440061

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